“A young woman’s guide to a F.I.T. heart, mind and body”

“Inside-Out Strong” is a program (workbook + e-course) developed to guide young women in identifying who they are, strengthen themselves, inside and out, so they are ready to lead and serve others. Through this guide, we provide 12 work-in lessons and 12 workouts leading young women on a F.I.T. journey to discover their own inner and outer strength. Nutrition and fitness tool-box included along with printable planners and guides.

We believe that mothers, teachers, and coaches are a key ingredient in developing strong girls. We link arms with those influencers by offering discussion opportunities throughout this guide and assisting them in raising up strong girls, inside and out. We believe strong girls will one day be strong women and that healthy ripple effect will change communities and cultures.

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Individual Workbook

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