Girls feedback:

  • “My favorite part of the mentorship program was the accountability partners and the core values beasue I thought they were very helpful and I still think about my core values. I also like the circle of influence because I have never thought about that before.” – MR


  • “The course made me think more about my gifts and what I have to offer the world. I actually realized “hey I’m kinda good at that…..” whatever it might be.” – EW


  • “I learned that I am stronger than I thought I was and that being positive really benefits me” – BM


  • “My favorite lessons were on passion ad purpose. It really made me look at my life right now & ask myself am I really living the way I want to. I had to ask myself if the things I am doing right now are the things I want to really do.” – EW


  • “I loved the exercise of discovering my identity…I learned I’m confident, independent and wild. which I guess I already knew but I have never really thought about it and wrote it down.” – MR


Moms feedback:

  • “The teenage years are a tough road to travel and I think it is important for girls to support each other and learn how to be strong and confident on their journey. As her mom, I can work on building her up but often I feel teenage girls listen better to someone other than mom. That additional positive influence and reinforcement is what interested me in your program.” – DM


  • “My daughter has really used the nutrition tips. I think the first week where she had to write down her core values really made her take a good look at her beliefs & what’s important to her. She talked to us a lot about accountability too – I think it opened her eyes some to the fact that now is the time to really start becoming accountable for herself & the choices she makes. She even said I’ve got to start believing in myself & stop thinking that well if this goes wrong – mama & daddy can fix it!” – AW


  • “I knew it was perfect program when my daughter was already set up each Sunday night without having to be reminded! This program was something she wanted & looked forward too!” – AW


  • “Initially, I wasn’t quit sure what to expect. It was much more!” – CR

I want my daughter to be strong inside and out