Inside-Out Strong was birthed out of a prompting in my heart to influence girls in heart, mind, and body.

It all started when I was a college volleyball player, working summer camps to earn a little extra cash. (and I mean, LITTLE) I would spend the week teaching 10 girls how to pass, set and hit the volleyball better so they could make their middle school or high school volleyball teams. That first summer ended with a camper crying her eyes out…not because she was homesick, but absolutely the opposite…because she loved every minute of her volleyball camp experience. I realized in that moment, I can have a big influence on a young girl’s life because of the role of COACH.

This experience lead me into coaching for a local high school team. I had the opportunity to positively impact girls lives for 3+ months during their volleyball season, even though I was still a young woman navigating this life myself. While there were plenty of ups and downs and growing pains as I developing into a better leader, I fell in love with the players themselves and the bigger influence I had on their lives. This became my purpose…to lead young girls to become stronger in heart, mind, body, and relationships.

Through being a COACH I learned a lot of life lessons myself:

  •  Focus on the journey, not the destination
  • Teens want and need a positive influencer in their lives (parent, teacher, coach, pastor…or all of the above)
  • Team sports teach a lot about operating as a family
  • Success = doing your best at becoming the best you were created to be
  • Roles are different AND equally important. No role is more important than another.
  • Challenges, failures, and setbacks are the perfect setup for progress and improvement
  • Athletics should bigger than teaching skills. It’s a gateway to a child’s heart and mind
  • Challenges and failures teach you more than winning

Through being a MOTHER I learned even more:

Too much to list them all here but…

  • I am their first model of wellness in heart, mind, and body
  • It takes a village to raise strong girls
  • I have a lot of Inside and outside strength to work on myself even after 40 years.

After experiencing both sides of the athletic coin, athlete, and coach, I recognized that athletics is more than winning or just getting better at the sport. It is a prime vehicle for developing confident, loving, accepting, courageous, bold, selfless and compassionate young people.

As a health educator and wellness coach I also see a gap between how much emphasis is placed on physical health and the lack of strengthening the inside…the heart and mind. As a mother of girls, I desire to see them build confidence and contentment by recognizing their inner strength and appreciate their bodies for how they were created.

Seeing that need, Inside-Out Strong was born. I wanted to create a program and course for coaches, teachers, youth leaders, parents or influencers of teens to guide them to become strong inside and out, in heart, mind, AND body.

If you have a daughter and desire to see her become all she was created to be, I encourage you to learn more about the workbook and the workshop (link to those pages)

Our Strong Support Team:

  • Tiffany Greene – Yoga Instructor at Local Workshops
  • Caroline Schmelzer – Zumba Instructor at Local Workshops
  • Belle Schall – Social Media support