Hello and welcome SSW

I’m Sarah…
I’m passionate and purposeful about helping you feel awesome, in heart, mind and body, so you can be and do awesome.  You were born awesome and others need you to feel, be and do as awesome as you were created.
I come alongside people who want to be their healthiest self, but lack the motivation, know-how or tools to make lasting changes.  I share with you my knowledge and experiences that’s helped me stay healthy and strong, show you the best tools I use, and cheer you on so you can feel as awesome as you were created to be.
A little introduction to who I am and who I surround myself with…
  • God – He’s my Father, Rock, Friend and the One I depend on for everything.  I met Him when I was 6, I absolutely adore His Son, Jesus and I try to be tight with the Holy Spirit each day.
  • Husband – I’m in love with my husband Mike…even after 18 yrs.  Check out how smart he is at www.courtandclassroom.com and you’ll see why.
  • original-1Kids – I’m a proud mama of 4 beautiful, spunky kids.  Belle – 14, Sam – 12, Andrew – 8, Mia – 6.
    I love the role and responsibility of being a mother and I had the privilege of staying home while my children were young to raise my minion army.  I have loved every stage and I know I’m just entering into it, but I do love the teen years and teens themselves…all of them.  (5.17.16…marking this date so that when teens make me want to pull my hair out, I come back to this statement)
  • Strong Teams – I deeply believe in having a strong circle of influence in your life…To surround yourself with people who make you better and challenge you.  (Picture to the right is my main team!) I have been blessed to compete on many teams with awesome girls and women to learn from, laugh and cry with, compete for and against, challenge and push me and cheer me on.  I love to compete, but I love the idea and benefits of team more.
If you like resume type stuff this list below is for you.  I don’t always think titles, rank, degrees or papers with stamps of approval make you great.  I think experiences are more impactful on you and others.
  • Played softball, volleyball and swam in MS and HS (tried basketball, soccer and field hockey…it’s obvious I’m not a running sport kinda girl!)
  • Volleyball Player at Lock Haven University from (’96-’99)
  • Personal Trainer (’00-’02)
  • Health and Physical Educator at State College High School (’01-’03)
  • High School Volleyball Coach at State College High School (’02-’06)
  • Mother to 4 children…best, hardest, most rewarding, under-appreciated, stretching, loving job ever! (’02-forever)
  • Creator and Director of Revolution Volleyball Club with my husband Mike (’07-’12)
  • Strength coach for a handful of athletes at Triangle Volleyball Club  (’14-’15)
  • Leader for Triangle Serves which is a program within Triangle Volleyball Club that takes a group of 20+ student-athletes to serve in developing countries building multi-sport courts with the community.  We partner with Courts for Kids 
  • Health Coach with Team Beachbody  (’14-Current)
  • Creator of Inside-Out Strong Mentorship Program for tween and teen girls  (’15-Current)
I’ve become passionate about seeing young girls know who they are, strengthen who they are and being ready to lead and serve others.   There is no doubt that athletics and teams helped prepare me for the roles of wife and mother.  I desire to see sports become a tool to teach young girls to be strong inside and out, so that they are capable of leading their families one day to strong hearts, minds and bodies.  This is why I created the Inside-Out Strong program for girls.  If you have a daughter and desire to see her become all she was created to be, I encourage you to sign up for the course(s) in my program.
The world needs you to be awesome and do the awesome things that only you can do. (leader, mother, friend, daughter, wife, giver)  I desire for you to know how awesome God created you to be, be ready to run the race He’s set before you and working towards the prize of glorifying God by being in love with who He created you to be…which is just plain awesome.